How To Advertise Professional Services


Imagine for a moment if there was a website like Craigslist (free) that also allowed businesses and professional services to conduct business on a national level… And allowed these businesses to direct traffic to their websites… And incorporated a social networking element where professionals could actually connect with their favorite fans! This would be fantastic for everyone big and small! But we don’t have to imagine it… Because it’s here! Sure, there are plenty of websites where you can list your professional service. But can they do all of the above?

Nettingtogether is a website with one goal: To connect the market with all sorts of resources. With most website platforms, you’re typically not permitted to promote your business or website without paying for it somehow. And presently, you need to go to Ebay for one type of resource, for another, for another and so on. Nettingtogether’s desire is to be a one stop shop where patrons go to find goods, services, coupons, housing, cars, art, books and more. All the while providing the means to friend favorites to keep up to date on their offers or simply contact them in the click of a button.

Through nettingtogether, professional services can post their classified ad, listing AND video advertisement all in one site. As the site grows, the market will begin to search the site for any number of resources. Whether someone needs a plumber or they’re looking for office furniture, they’ll be searching the nettingtogether classified ads. So, be sure you’re service is represented. Use keywords in the title of your classified ad that will match the search terms people are likely to enter. And include the city and state you service if limited to a particular area.

Keep in mind, your Classified Ads can also be generated to your Profile Page if you add the profile app “My Ads”!  This will come in handy for when interested prospects want to find out more about your business or professional service.

Nettingtogether is in her infancy having just been born this month, March 2016. So come aboard this new band wagon. It’s absolutely free and will remain free until hundreds of thousands are frequenting the site consistently.

What will it cost when it’s highly populated?  If we pull enough revenue from member sponsored, featured ads to maintain site expenses, full access to advertise via nettingtogether will remain free. If revenue becomes a necessity, however, we will only need to charge professional /business profiles a LOW annual fee of $5.95.

Again, nettingtogether’s goal is to provide a quality seek and find hub for the national market. In order for this to be possible it needs to be extremely inexpensive for all – never charging monthly subscriptions, for CPC ads, listing fees or taking percentages from sellers, etc.

If the day comes that we do need to implement this $5.95 annual fee, the good news is those who are already members are such for LIFE and will never have to pay the annual fee!

So… Please join today while it’s completely free!


Change Of Plan…


I surrender. At the expense of seeming like I’ve attempted to create another “Craigslist” dynasty, Nettingtogether is now completely free for everyone to advertise everything from professional services and employment opportunities to selling unlimited product in the ntStore.

Nettingtogether is not another Craigslist. Nettingtogether is a social network where, in addition to listing your services, jobs and products for sale, self published authors and artists have their own, exclusive database pages to promote their books and art. And unlike Craigslist, ads aren’t restricted to single cities. Let’s face it, many services, businesses and sellers are attempting to conduct business nationally and this is impossible via Craigslist. Another factor to weigh in is, according to their posting rules, Craigslist plainly discloses that users are not permitted to direct traffic to their personal business websites.

Unlike Craigslist, Nettingtogether’s goal is to actually provide the means for eCommerce connectivity and discovery!  We invite all professionals and merchants to plaster nettingtogether with your website links. We exhort everyone to direct traffic to personal business sites, storefronts, blogs and all else.

At any rate, because we’re at ground zero and getting the word out has been difficult, we’ve dropped the $5.95/yr subscription fee to post business ads. Now everyone can post unlimited ads, list unlimited products in the ntStore, list unlimited books in the self published books database, and more. Free.

And I’d like to know what you think. Is this site something the entrepreneurs of the hour can benefit from?  Please let me know!

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Wean Your Way off Ebay!

Face it.

You sell through Ebay paying them 10 cents on every dollar because they have immense traffic. But what if you could piggy back off another high traffic site that allows you to direct traffic to your OWN storefront where NOBODY make any cents off your dollars? That’s Nettingtogether’s mission! To acquire extremely high traffic so that businesses can make 100% of their money but more than that, can drive prospects to their own stores or business sites.

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As of March 2016, Nettingtogether is at Ground Zero. But it’s a genuine alternative for eCommerce! It’s FREE for standard members to advertise and only $5.95 per year for professionals, sellers and businesses to advertise UNLIMITED! With NO listing fees, percentages of sales, monthly subscriptions or cost per click advertising! More than all that, it’s a site that forbids external sponsored advertisements. There’re enough “free” business sites out there with millions of unsuspecting users providing the perfect hot spots for big business-sponsored advertisements. Nettingtogether will never be a hot spot for sponsored advertisers. It’s a site that’s “Of the people, By the people and For the people”. Check it out. You’ll see why.

We invite you to join now and help us gain momentum – for the sake of the millions who need this opportunity. Give the market a reason to jump on this wagon! Perhaps in a year or two you will have enough business via this practically free eCommerce platform that you can build your own personal web store and say goodbye once and for all…to Ebay.



The Newspaper with a Billion Readers


Advertising on the internet, no matter how much you pay, will always be a competition against hundreds of millions of old fashioned “newspaper readers”.  Sure, you target select markets. But seriously, just how far is our money spent on Cost Per Click advertising going to take us?

If you’re like the average Joe, you don’t have the kind of money it takes to stand out among millions of readers.

It’s a money milking system that somebody needs to throw a monkey wrench into ASAP.

Now there’s an eCommerce site that just might help the masses earn their living through the internet!

Find out more!

“OF The People, BY The People, FOR The People”

Most everyone is out to make a buck since, after all, that’s what makes the world go round. But what’s disheartening is the world of online business has done well to exploit the mass market who needs the help of the internet to make their livings.

We’ve blindly complied with the belief system that bidding high on CPC ads or paying high percentages to eCommerce websites is really the only way to get our product or business out there. It’s all wrong. Would it be so bad if they weren’t milking the market? No. But they are! All under the delusion that paying more will bring you more business.

It’s not like the old days when everyone turned to the two primary business resources – the classified ads and phone book. Today, the internet essentially is like one giant Classified Ads section with an audience of hundreds of millions of consumers to reach in the USA alone!  So, the running farce is, “No problem. Give us $20, $50 or a few hundred bucks a day and we’ll make sure you get in front of them!”

Sure, it works to a degree but my suspicion is that 75% of the people who spend money to be found online don’t see very good results. This means millions and millions of people are dumping big bucks into these money pits!

Add to that how Amazon is taking 40% of every author’s book sale profit! Why? Because it apparently isn’t enough for them to make a billion or two per year. They need to CLEAR 30 billion instead.

I’m not just griping, here. This fury is what fueled my passion to create an alternative website for the mass market whereby EVERYONE can post ads, list products and more for nothing other than $5.95 per year for business professionals. Non business advertisers, ie, “Used Car For Sale” post absolutely free… always.

It’s called Nettingtogether and this website is genuinely an eCommerce tool that was created with the PEOPLE in mind. It truly is a site that is “OF the people, BY the people and FOR the people”!

March 2016 is launch month. Come aboard at Ground Zero. Let’s prove to BIG eCommerce platforms that they don’t need your money for you to make a quality living!


You’ve GOT To Spend Money To Make Money?

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If you read my leading WordPress blog you saw my passion for the businesses that make websites like Ebay and Amazon who they are. I’m not going to elaborate any further on that but wanted to set the stage for the heart of this message which is that it’s seriously time for a website to come along and throw a monkey wrench into the whole unreasonably excessive CPC, Listing Fee, Percentages of Sales and/or Monthly Subscription system!

IT’S NOT NECESSARY, PEOPLE! All you self employed photographers, self published authors, sellers, plumbers, handymen, contractors, and all else, LISTEN UP! I know your challenge. Been there. Done that. For decades. Even PRIOR to cyberspace. I know that you’ve been willing to spend money to make money. So, pending your budget, you continue implementing every possible advertising tool to convey what you have to offer. But for most, the dollars spent (on internet advertising) don’t often accomplish much. Why?

The answer is complex but let me attempt to simplify it:

Back in the day when you only had to compete with the other ads in the local newspaper or phone book you’re only challenge was paying the extra buck to have your ad emboldened or pay for more lines. Today we’ve got electronic databases to advertise through that reach a much larger audience so our ads should be found by infinitely more consumers, right? Wrong. The problem is there are too many DIFFERENT platforms to sell through which separates the market, scattering us all over the place! Nowadays you’ve got patrons who literally have hundreds of ‘local newspapers’ to choose from, so to speak. Will they choose yours?

Let’s say they do. Now the question is what kind of ranking system are you up against that determines how often your ad will present itself? How many hundreds of comparable ads does the patron need to sift through to even find you?  Because if you aren’t paying more than all the other similar advertisers are, your ad is simply lost in Digi-Land. And if you are paying a good price, how many of your competitors are paying the same exact price which leaves you all at square one?

Wordpress 1

I’ve been seeing all this and so much more through the years and I’ve come to the place where I’m shaking my head at our blind compliance to this dastardly, money milking system. Why are we trapped in this thinking that it’s only through excessive spending that websites can grace us with the means for us to promote ourselves effectively? Why don’t we come up with something better for ourselves?

Well, this is exactly why has been brought to the table. No, it’s not quite as fancy… but very close. It functions much like Craigslist but without the restrictions on professionals or location. And it’s a hint like Facebook only it’s warmer and less cluttered than both. And it is FULLY functional. EVERYONE can put it to use, promoting themselves, their websites, products, services, books, art… you name it! Without paying anything but $5.95 a year! And why the $5.95? To keep nettingtogether FREE of external sponsors. Now how simple is that?

Sponsored Ads. Grrr… That’s another overrated trend everyone clings to… “Oh, let me make a site that has millions of unique hits everyday so that big businesses will want to pay us to let them advertise!”  Okay. Fine. For them. But not for our website. Nettingtogether is FOR THE PEOPLE. For the candle makers, small time and big time! The jewelry designers, interior decorators, caterers, and so on! It’s additionally for the Craigslist type advertisers who can ALSO advertise unlimited via the site absolutely FREE! It’s not, however, a place for intrusive, non nettingtogether entities!

Wow. I’m literally red in the face right now for writing this.

One last thing… For those of you reading this thinking it’s only right that businesses should spend big bucks (advertising) in order to make money I have two thoughts for you. First, that’s cool for big businesses who can do it – who have those kind of budgets. But these BIG businesses account for just a small percentage of the overall economy. It’s the medium, small and independent businesses that make this country go round. Competition among them is far greater. So, that leads to my second point. Cyberspace, the ‘newspaper’ with hundreds of millions of readers, is wrong telling the folks that make this world go round that they have to spend dollars to be streamlined to the market knowing full well the cap is astronomical and beyond reach for the masses, leaving the masses disillusioned and getting nowhere fast. It’s flat out wrong.

Dear God… Please let the masses who’ve not gotten very far with online advertising discover the unique and refreshing opportunity that they have access to through nettingtogether.  Amen.



Is There An Ideal Way To Sell Online?


It seems no matter where you sell online there’s always something not so “ideal” for sellers.  Indeed, we should be grateful such platforms exist but are these sites taking advantage of the sellers ?

It’s no secret that sites like Ebay and Amazon clear multiple, sometimes tens of billions of dollars per year. There’s nothing wrong with making billions. What’s in question is how well are the sellers faring in the process?

Yes, many do quite well. But could they be doing… BETTER?

Considering the percentages derived by these platforms per sale… YES!

In addition to listing fees, Ebay makes 10% off of every dollar generated via the platform. And depending on which program and category one sells through, Amazon can make up to 40% of every sale! Why? If these platforms have millions of users, why take 10, 20 and even 40 cents from every dollar the sellers make?  Why not let the sellers fare…better? Since after all, the sellers are the heart and reason these websites make one red cent. Yes, the sellers NEED these platforms! But, the platforms EQUALLY need these sellers!

Then there’s Craigslist… and it’s free for most users. Now this sounds ideal!  And, they even make a handsome income. Far from being a multi billion dollar site but they do quite well and rightfully so. It’s wonderful that they’ve provided a platform that is so functional and realistic for the common market while making their income off of big city rentals. Sounds like a win/win.

But even Craigslist is not ideal.


The biggest issue is the site is useful primarily for LOCAL marketing only. The sellers that fare the best are the ones who make a few local cash dollars. Small businesses can utilize the platform so long as they aren’t directing traffic to their websites according to the posting rules under their terms of use. And online selling businesses that seek statewide or even national patrons are not able to advertise to more than to a single city at a time. Due to their restrictions, Craigslist is clearly not very useful for professional online sellers.

We’ve established that professional sellers must sell via the former expensive eCommerce sites while the non professional sellers will sell through Craigslist. Then there’s everything in between such as “free business listing” websites.  And we all know how these sites pull funding in the least so that they can maintain their websites. They are polluted with external sponsored ADS that drive page viewers crazy at best… or taking their attention away from the reason they’re there in the first place!  This is NOT ideal for the obscure sellers that give these sites their existence. All these free sellers or posters are doing is helping to provide a platform for companies with healthy advertising budgets to promote themselves even more. It’s all “almost” fair at the end of the day but hardly ideal.

Let’s not forget Facebook. They’ve tapped into people’s need to promote themselves big time with their CPC ads that’re much like Google Adwords! In 2012, Facebook pulled a net profit of One Billion dollars.

So… Just what would be an IDEAL website through which sellers can sell?

  1. It would be a website where professional and non professional sellers alike can sell all over the country -OR- to a particular city and state – whichever works best for them. No restrictions either way.
  2. It would be a website where sellers can sell unlimited product without having to pay listing fees, percentages of sales or monthly subscriptions.
  3. It would be a website where sellers can direct prospects to their personal online store or website without restrictions.
  4. It would be a member supported website, OF the members, BY the members, FOR the members… FREE of external sponsored ads. Not overwhelming or congested, either.
  5. It would be a site that provides members a profile page where members can make their own statement and be found with ease.
  6. It would be a website that enables a way to for sellers and consumers alike to connect with (friend) each other, giving everyone direct access to favorite sellers.
  7. It would at the same time be a website where professional service providers and other types of businesses and employers also advertise.
  8. It would be a website that allows its genuine members to feature their product or businesses at an extremely affordable price so that the site never needs to have external advertisers imposing on the pages.
  9. It would be a site where non professionals can advertise their yard sales, free kittens or FSBO (etc) unlimited and 100% free ongoing.
  10. It would be a site where sellers, professional service providers, employers and businesses could sell and advertise unlimited for a single, low, annual fee with no hidden costs, monthly subscriptions or absurd annual rates.

The good news is a new website fitting this unique description has now come to the playing field. It’s brand spanking new, fully functional and capable of unlimited selling and advertising!  nt Ad 007 NETTINGTOGETHER

It’s called And right now, while non professionals can and will always be able to join and set up their profiles absolutely FREE, businesses or professionals can do likewise for just $5.95 per year forever!

Colleagues still strongly suggest, “People want things free or they’re not going to be interested!  Let external advertisers sponsor themselves through your site so that you can make the money to keep the site going while letting the actual members be free.”

Look, I know this is the going trend, but…  No. No. And No.

People who need to promote their yard sales, a room for rent, used cars and free puppies aren’t really making a living off of advertising so, YES, Nettingtogether should and will always be free for them to put their advertisements out there.

People who make their living or supplement their income selling or advertising on the internet, however, don’t do it for free by far. We’ve plainly disclosed the fortunes professionals need to spend to make a buck online! This means paying $5.95 per year to advertise your services or sell your products UNLIMITED with NO other costs through a site where there’s no intrusive, external sponsored ads… is more than inviting. It’s the alternative to costly facebook “boosts” and losing percentages to eCommerce money pits.

But yes… As per the writing of this blog, has only just been launched (March 2016).  As my son so frankly stated, “This site needs millions of users for it to be any good to anyone!”

Indeed. It does. So please come aboard today. It is free, afterall. And just $5.95/yr for business profiles.